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To have a shelter became a basic human need since the nomads started settling down. Over time it was evolved into considering not just the functional value of the buildings but its aesthetics. Architecture started to be considered as a living form of art. From the people making their living space it was transferred to the artists or architects to bring in the aesthetic beauty to it. The various art movements influenced architecture like any other art throughout the 18th century and hence forth.

In the earlier days only the upper class who occupied wealth felt the need of architecture as such. But as time passed by, in the present society, even a common man building his house feels the necessity of concepts for his house design and so on. in the present age its not just the aesthetics or function that matter the most, architect have evolved to cater to the builders and their economic satisfaction and there are also several architects who design only typical buildings for big companies like the outlets for our all-time favourite KFC or Mac Ds. May be this restricts the creativity of the architect but all these different types of architects are needed in the present society.

The space designed by an architect is the space for daily human needs. And it hence is very true architect do play a very crucial role in the making of society. We all have studied about the demolition of the early housing complexes in the US due to the improper design and blindly following the art movements of the era. the  infamous Pruitt Igoe urban housing development in St. Louis, Missouri is a fine example were it was designed based on Le Corbusier’s principles of modernism but in just five years the whole area turned into a danger zone with all the illegal trafficking happening. This is an example as to how important a role the architect plays in safe guarding the society. There are many more instances were architects have stopped the antisocial behaviour through their designs.

In today’s world were land is a precious as gold, it becomes architects job to effectively utilise each cent of land and also to make the building profitable for the builder without compromising much on the needs of people living in the building. This has become a new role for architect today. Like the doctors have ethics even architects have ethics. Since we are all part of the society and wish to continue so abiding by the ethics and at least should have a consideration of not to harm the society for our own benefits if does not intend to be a part of the betterment of the society. One could easily say that over the years the responsibilities and the role of an architect in the society have only increased immensely.

As like any field, role of architecture /architects on society  has also been  deeply  affected by the commercialisation of the profession.  Even in the olden times, Architecture was all about  spaces, people and feelings related to it.But the way in which society look at  these processes have changed or we might even say evolved,  bringing in both  positive and negative impacts for the true profession.

Earlier it was like, the people themselves alter their life arranging the spaces in the way they want. This is more appropriate as they are the one who knows  the necessities. Art movements start within a region that shares common aspirations. There, the architects originates within the society itself  and are part and parcel of the society agreeable in all comments made because architecture is not limited to anything particular but is a mixture of activities of the people.But nowadays, even the client has a pre notion that the architect is an outsider well-kept who can show certain magic that will lead to their ultimate success.

Even now there are two parts to the evolution. The negative part is that in the name of being innovative, the effect of design on the society is ignored to create a spectacular piece of work that is different from the mainstream style. Long term aims are not kept in implementing most of the commercial projects which will finally become a dark mark on the architects side.

The commercial part of architecture /design now is neglecting the fact that architect is not only a builder or service provider  but also one who frames the livelihood of the client in such a way  that the project  brings maximum satisfaction to the client with limited resources.

So,i would say that , in order to maintain the earlier prosperity of architecture,one should probe deep into all aspects of the society while doing any project,rather than sticking to the infrastucture aspect and expecting only commercial benefit.


The role of architects in the society

In my opinion , an architect is the one who should serve the people or society as a whole in terms of their comfort, livelihood , shelter and may be health also i.e. he must be able to transform the society with his/her design of spaces. One’s works makes the one respectful in the society. Through the years, decades or even centuries, we could see the far reaching divergences or changes in the way the architect works and designs.

An architect’s role is to motivate people to change their mind on issues by explaining to them, as an expert, the ill effects that their actions have on the environment, or may be towards their own life. The forms of architecture that an architect build or put forward should satisfy or fulfill the human needs and deeds. He should successfully interpret the client’s brief, apply your expertise as an architect, and create a design that satisfies the client’s/user’s needs, one that is economically feasible and is aesthetically pleasing.

Speaking about the architecture during the ancient period, the first architects that comes to our mind is the Egyptians and their building of pyramids as part of their own beliefs. All ancient civilizations have contributed in some way to the development of modern society as well. Then the Greeks, Romans etc contributed to the architecture of the world  and that served the people of that century to the maximum and those building built at that age are still serving different functions of the modern society.

It’s our duty as architects to provide helping hands to those people who are still homeless , change the scenario of the future of the country.Serve….Support…..Survive……